3rd Global Science Conference “Climate Smart Agriculture 2015”, Montpellier

The 3rd ClimateSmart Agriculture Global Conference will take place in Montpellier (France) during March 16-18th 2015. You are still on time for an early bird registration! (31st of January).

Montpellier will pick up the baton from UC Davis and Wageningen, bringing together world experts on climate-smart agriculture (CSA) to provide a synthesis of the current state of knowledge in order to deliver a set of findings based on multi-disciplinary science and best practices. It will take part of the process initiated in October 2010 in The Hague by the Government of the Netherlands, culminating in the recent launch of the Global Alliance on Climate-Smart Agriculture in New York, September 2014 (CCAFS-CGIAR, 2014)

In short, CSA goal is to achieve both short and long-term agricultural development priorities in the face climate change and serves as a bridge to other development priorities. It seeks to support countries and other actors in securing the necessary policy, technical and financial conditions to enable them to: 

 - Sustainably increase agricultural productivity and incomes in order to meet national food security and development goals (Food security)
- Build resilience and the capacity of agricultural and food systems to adapt to climate change (Adaptation)
- Seek opportunities to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases and increase carbon sequestration (Mitigation)

These three conditions (food security, adaptation and mitigation) are referred to as the “triple win” of climate-smart agriculture.  More information can be found in:

Montpellier has become one of the world centers of agricultural, environmental and development research. 

Proof of this is Agropolis International, association created in 1986 by French institutions of research and higher education in Montpellier and the Languedoc-Roussillon region involved in the thematic areas of agriculture, food, biodiversity and the environment, with currently more than 2700 research scientist and lectures. All of this together with its category of old university town, its historic center and its Mediterranean character make Montpellier as an excellent amphitryon.