Closing the nutrient loops in (peri-) urban farming systems through composting – AgTraIn Thesis defense

Our AgTraIn colleague Abebe Nigussie will defend his thesis Closing the nutrient loops in (peri-)urban farming systems through composting on Tuesday January 24, 2017 at 13.30 CET in Wageningen. The thesis defense can be viewed online via wur tv:

“Organic amendments (i.e., crop residues, manure and compost) maintain or increase soil organic matter contents and thereby contribute to enhanced fertiliser use efficiency. Despite the benefits of organic amendments, many smallholder farmers do not retain crop residues and manure on their farmlands. Hence, large amounts of nutrients and carbon are exported from agricultural lands to nearby markets and/or urban areas. At the same time, a large amount of biodegradable waste is produced in cities, and its management has become a major concern in developing countries – where waste management is hardly existing.

My thesis is motivated by the lack of scientific evidence on (i) the socio-economic perspectives of urban-waste composting, (ii) low-cost technologies that improve the agronomic value of urban-waste compost, while reducing losses to the environment and mitigating climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To address these issues, I conducted both socio-economic studies and composting experiments both in laboratory reactors and under field conditions

AgTraIn was a great opportunity for me to meet other PhD candidates from different disciplines and broaden my expertise. I therefore would like to acknowledge all the AgTraIn family (the passionate, intelligent and industrious PhD candidates and graduates for your constructive discussions and inspiration. I learned a lot from you guys.” 

Thank you, Abebe. Congratulations on your success, you made us all proud!  :)

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